Photographer Steve Braun captures the subculture of punks with his camera, showing sequences in photographs and in video films. As if from another time, when punks with their colourful mohawks still stood out in public. As seen in 2019 at the final exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg.

Steve Braun presents the series “V-Mann” in Nuremberg for the first time. A catologue will be published to accompany the exhibition.

“The stylistics of my “V-Mann” series are often reminiscent of snapshots from the 1990s or the “None of Us” series seems classically documentary at first glance. This impression is reinforced by the composition of the images and the clothing of the protagonists. I don’t try to draw an objective picture in my documentary work, but rather to project my feeling for a certain subject into images, which is why the “V-Mann” series seems rather diary-like and breaks with rules of classic documentary.”