Ready for the island? Then take a trip to the pearl of the german North Sea. No, not Helgoland, but Sylt! The island of the rich and beautiful has finally been boarded in 2022 and is now the place of longing for many punks. Thanks to the 9 Euro ticket, the rabble has set out to take the fun out of their island for the bigwigs. Now the chic can no longer take refuge on their island to escape social reality. The tourist mile in Westerland is now flooded with bums and punks, the lanterns are peppered with tags or stickers and spontaneous demos are now standard. How did the band Menschabstinenz already put it in their summer hit 2022? "Sylt we come, now is no longer asked, now is taken!" Accordingly, we now also want our piece of the pie and ask the rich for a small donation. Stupidly only for the better earners that they have no small change in the purse, but only with bills, their involuntary Solidarity contribution can make.
So come to the chaos days on Sylt, here rules now the anarchy!